Cleaning services: why should you hire one?

We are in a world where the more advanced it is, the busier it becomes; our world has been filled with more busy individuals with less tidy living and workspaces. This new habit of the 21st-century humans has become more rampant and the US has taken a fair share of this population of more busy individuals, less tidy environment. Illinois has been ranked the 6th state with the largest population with an estimated number of over 12 million; people who wake up every morning to rush off to one business appointment or the other, while a majority of the adult population domicile in the state especially the Norridge area is considered the busiest people around town. You can’t entirely blame though because one gets to a point in his life when most things matter less or do not matter at all.

There are several factors that can lead an individual to contact a professional cleaning service company to take care of the sanitation duties in either their your homes, offices, or any other property that require cleaning. Some of the reasons might be motivated by a sheer need for comfort while other reasons might be circulating around lack of time or just mare show of wealth. But no matter the reason behind your need for a cleaning service, the truth is that the outcome of the service company you hired depends on how good the company you is, more reason you have to consider Gold Plus Cleaning & Maid Services® for a total professional touch of cleaning ness on your property. Though most often time people think they don’t need the services of either a professional maid service or a cleaning service, but the thing is this, you will never know what really need until you find yourself in a situation where you start looking for the same thing.
Below, we have carefully drafted reasons why you need to make that choice to call for a cleaning or maid services company, those reasons are stated thus:

1. It gives you more time for other things
Hiring a professional cleaner helps you have time to attend to other businesses, it gives you that time to also relax and give yourself a good rest after a hard engagement; there is no price for a perfect rest you know. It is said that if you wish to run a successful business, leave the cleaning for the professionals but for us in Gold Plus Cleaning & Maid services, if you wish to cut down on stress, leave your cleaning and maid duties to us because that’s what we do!

2. Employing a permanent cleaner is not the best
This is not to discourage the hiring of employing a permanent cleaner, but sometimes we just need to face it, those permanent cleaners most times probably due to lack of supervision; when the bosses are away abandoning their duties. But with the services of a professional cleaning service company you are sure that even when you are away, someone is directly responsible; supervising these staffs and making sure the task is completed accordingly. And that is where Gold Plus Cleaning & Maid service comes in. We supervise our staffs, making sure they do not take advantage of your absence, hence keen to their duties.

3. Clean office mean health lifestyle
This simply means that a clean office space means less sick boss. Now you don’t have to hang around with the vacuum Cleaner on arriving the office neither should you work under an untidy office space. Spare yourself that dignity as a boss and visit to your doctor and prevent that sickness before it even happens. We take care of your office space with upmost professionalism making sure that our services don’t conflict with your normal office duties, and also your confidential business files are intact and with our perfect timing work ethics, we are already done before you resume for the day.

4. Customer like a clean space
What would have happened of your work into Mc Donald and perceive this awful smell with some lettered trash dropped carelessly around the restaurant? The thing is nobody like dirt in as much as not everybody like to do the cleaning. The point is, a dirty business space scares your customers away; nobody will prefere a dirty bathroom to a clean one, or a smelly store to a well cleaned store with nice fregance smell. We at Gold Plus Cleaning & Maid Services make sure that both your dusty glass windows are brought back to its original statue, your space becomes odorless while we leave you with a spotless, cleanest workplace, that is true because that’s what we do!

5. Boost employee morale
Believe it or not no employee likes doing all the cleaning at work, though they barely complain the things like this, I mean “who want to say such a thing to the boss”? As we all know, the office condition is a contributor to the motivation of the staffs, which is why if you wish to keep that motivation going you really have to stick to that cleaning service company.

6. Use of professional equipment
You might not be able to provide all the cleaning equipment necessary for a thorough cleaning section. Most of these equipment used in the cleaning process are mostly industrial based so purchasing that thing on an individual basis might be a beat expensive both in the purchase and maintenance. So in this case hiring a cleaning is just is the best option considering the fact that some cleaning processes need professional equipment and materials i.e some carpets needs special chemicals in other get rid of debris and spot stock on it.

Who are we?
We are Gold Plus Cleaning & Maid Services®, a company founded with a sole purpose of making sure that all your cleaning and maid services are well taken care of with upmost professionalism. As a company that has functioned in the Norridge area of Illinois for quite some time, we understand the need of our clients both in Illinois and in the United States as a whole. Our staffs are professionally trained both in the usage of modern cleaning equipment and ethics that guide the profession, all in a bid to serve you better. Our equipments are considered a state of the art because we stay abreast on the current trending technology in the cleaning & Maid Service sector. We have specified our services to the understanding of our proposed clients, those services are mentioned thus:

Cleaning service
Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we move into a new apartment and discover its all messed up and due to t the nature of our jobs we won’t be liberty to perform a thorough cleaning on it. Another scenario is a situation where you are expecting a house guest, may as a large family get together or a large corporate gathering and for that you need the place fixed for your impending guest, as in making sure the white curtains stay white, the ceiling is cobweb free, the carpets stays slick, and glasses are as clear as the springs, another is that we make sure both our equipment and human labor achieve that purpose of giving both your home, office, industry, or any space at all that which it requires to return to it original state. That’s what we do at Gold Plus Cleaning & Maid Services because we can!

Maid services
We understand the need for extra labor in our society today, most of the times there is a dare need for extra labor either in the house for the house cleaning, dish washing, and other house duties. Other needs for a professional maid include assisting in some outdoor events like serving attendance, ushering, and making sure everything goes fine with needed labor. Our job is to provide the help you need, we recruit out our staffs through a strict screening procedure which include a thorough background check of their social status, train them on the ethics of the job then let them out to offer our clients that excellent service they deserve.

Carpet cleaning
Carpets are considered to be intricate and gentle but its maintenance can really be a thing considering the fact that they have the propensity to stock-in large amount of dirt which mostly comes from stray dust particular. This dusts which later turns into the dirt can also lead to serious respiratory problems for the occupants which is why it needs thorough and steady cleaning in other to get rid of these particles. Be it as it may, cleaning carpets is one thing, but keeping it clean is the sole responsibility of Gold Plus & Maid services. We make use of various chemicals to make sure that your carpets return to its formal start of spotless and odorless material. We have just the perfect equipment for brushing, drying, and warm-cleaning your carpet, thereby making it take a whole new shape. That is what we do too because we can!

Both in our offices and homes, some of us are stuffed with a very busy schedule which most of the times prevent us from performing other important duties. Well, its time you relief yourself of some duties and let us handle some of those things on your list. All you need do is to detail those errands and chores as you need them, then go back and relax while our team of well trained staff takes up the responsibility.

Why you Should Hire Us
We understand that there are other companies in the same niche as ours, we also understand that our niche is a highly competitive one, but we believe in the philosophy of delivery and customer satisfaction which is what has given us an edge over our competitors. Other reason why you should stick to our services includes:

A. Professionalism
In our company, it is either professionalism or nothing; our staffs are trained to industry specification, guided through the industry’s rules and ethics to make sure that they are well equipped for the challenges ahead. We train out staffs to respect clients’ privacy and stay away from their confidentiality. Our recruit process is very convenient and as we run a background check on every each of every one of our staffs, hence all their data are with us in case of further inquiry.

B. Reasonable fee rate
All service rates are the most moderate amongst out competitors, we focus more on providing the right services and make sure our clients are satisfied with our job, therefore our fees are always a reasonable one.

C. Perfect timing
We make sure we achieve the client’s goals at the perfect time because in Gold Plus Cleaning and services we are always time oriented.

D. Perfect delivery
Using the client’s timing, we make sure we achieve and deliver the desired result at a specific time as prescribed by the client for the completion of the assigned duty.

In conclusion, we believe this piece has in a way informed you about why need to employ the services of a cleaning service company, we all need a cleaning service company just that sometimes we believe it is only meant for luxury, of which on the contrary it is not; looking at it the other way round, what we call luxury is actually very affordable especially when Gild Plus Cleaning company exists. We are committed to providing the best cleaning and maid services to our clients and make sure that our workers undergo the necessary training necessary for carrying out their duties before finally deploying them to the field. This, (like we always say) is what we do ’cos we can!
You can always give us a call if you to get more information about our services, our line is always open to entertain any form of inquiry on our services while our staffs are always there to provide you with any answer to your questions.

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